In e-commerce, we challenge with many things including finding a good product, reliable supplier, and eventually accessing the potential buyers. However, most of the time even reaching out the potential buyers are not enough! As you may experience in your venture as well, sometimes converting potential buyers, visitors, to buyers requires additional efforts on product pages. That’s why we deep dive on how to show inventory quantity on product page today!

Do you think we shop rationally?

In order to increase your conversion rate on your Shopify store, first of all you need to consider about how human beings make a decision. Humans are not rational all the time. Our decision making process highly influenced by the external conditions as well. One interesting studies from Adobe states that rain has the biggest impact on boosting ecommerce spending.

So... What can I do as a Shopify store owner?

If humans purchasing decision can be changed under different conditions, let dive into which conditions make positive impact on the decision. 

1 – Social Proof 

People would like to know that they are not alone while making a decision. One basic example of this is to imagine yourself when you see two restaurants on a street. One of them is full with people and even queue in front of it. At the same time, the next restaurant has only a few people. Most probably you choose the crowded one, right?

This also what happens in the store which has many product reviews, or even displaying the low stock. Because displaying the low stock means many people bought it already. 

2 – Create a sense of urgency & scarcity

 If there is low stock, this means the visitor needs to hurry and buy even without too much thinking! Otherwise, it might be out of stock. Fear of missing out – FOMO – is one of the decision influencers for humans in many industries including retail, and investment. 

Show inventory quantity on product page

One basic solution for social proof and creating scarcity and urgency is to display quantity on product pages. If the items are low in stock, this means many people bought it already! Therefore, both social proof and urgency & scarcity created directly for the visitors.

Some themes do not allow merchants to display stock level on product pages. However, Hey! Scarcity & Low Stock Counter App allows merchants to show product quantity with a few clicks only. 

Show inventory quantity on product page

In brief, show stock level on Shopify stores totally makes sense especially if you have low in stock. The low in stock message states that the item sold many times and also pressure to visitor to make his/her mind quickly. 

For sure, there are more Shopify apps which focus on product pages and try to give merchants different capabilities to increase conversion rate.